Aubergine Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake

Tomorrow it’s that most hateful of days again: Valentine’s Day. It’s hateful for people who are single because it gives you the impression that you are a failure for being on your own (even worse if you do ~like someone but are not with that person). And it’s equally hateful for people who are in relationships, because it pretty much forces you to do something about it (with the possibility of embarrassing your significant other because they haven’t gotten you anything). And if you don’t and your SO does you’re really in trouble.

So all in all it’s a pretty hateful day, whether it’s because you’re single or because your SO is mad at you. Which makes it the perfect day to bake yourself this awesome cake. The name of this cake is the ‘Heartache Chocolate Cake’, from this book (which is really worth buying). Yes, I know putting aubergine into a cake sounds a bit weird. But the result is a wonderfully most and rich chocolate cake, with a hint of sadness. The original recipe uses ground almonds, but I think ground hazelnut works much and much better. And because this cake contains aubergine and doesn’t contain any sugar (just a shitload of honey) or butter you can kid yourself that it’s not that bad for you…..

– 400g aubergine
– 300g dark chocolate
– 50g cocoa powder
– 70g ground hazelnuts
– 3 eggs (medium)
– 200g clear honey
– 2 tsp baking powder
– 1/4 tsp salt

Step 1. Peel the aubergines and place them into a microwaveable bowl with a lid.

Nuke them for about 8 minutes (I did it at 750W). Once they have cooled down a bit puree them (I used my kitchen machine). Chop the chocolate and mix it in with the still warm aubergine till it’s all melted.

Step 2. Put all the other ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat till it’s all combined.

Then beat in the aubergine-chocolate mix. Grease/spray a 24cm springform and line the bottom with baking paper. Pour in the cake mixture and spread it out a bit.

Step 3.
Bake for about 30 minutes at 180°C (165°C for fan ovens). It’s much easier to cut when it has cooled down completely, but it tastes amazing when it’s still a bit warm. Especially with a bit of ice cream (you might as well let yourself go 😉 ).


– 400g aubergine
– 300g pure chocolade
– 50g cacao
– 70g gemalen hazelnoot
– 3 eieren (medium)
– 200g heldere(?) honing
– 2 tl bakpoeder
– 1/4 tl zout

Stap 1. Schil de aubergines en doe ze in een magnetronschaal met deksel. Verhit ze voor ongeveer 8 minuten op hoge stand (750W bij mij). Pureer de aubergine daarna en roer dan de gehakte chocolade erdoor tot alles gesmolten is.
Stap 2. Doe de overige ingrediënten in een mengkom en klop het tot alles goed gemengd is. Roer dan het aubergine-chocolade-mengsel er doorheen. Vet (of spray) een 24c springvorm in en bedek de bodem met bakpapier. Giet het beslag in de vorm en verdeel het een beetje.
Stap 3. Bak het voor ongeveer 30 minuten op 180°C (165°C voor ventilatorovens). Het is het beste aan te snijden als ie compleet is afgekoeld, maar smaakt echt zalig als ie nog warm is (gewoon lepel gebruiken, kan je gelijk ijs eten).

Veel plezier!

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