Lemon Pudding

I’m sure it’s not allowed to do this anymore, but I don’t give a fuck: HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!

I started the year off by getting locked away for 5 days while they perform medical experiments on me. Okay, okay, I signed up for it and get paid for it. And it is really rather relaxed to get paid for doing very little while someone cooks for you and cleans up after you. But still!! Locked away!!! Medical experiments!!

I arrived here yesterday afternoon and be released on Saturday morning. Good thing I did some baking this weekend so I can pass the time writing a blog or two. The recipe for this baked lemon pudding is from one of the very first recipe books I bought. I’ve made it dozens of times and always like it. Was going to make this for the family Christmas dinner, but we already had waay too much stuff.

– 60g butter
– 160g caster sugar
– 3 eggs (seperated)
– zest of half a lemon
– 60ml lemon juice (about 1 lemon)
– 200ml milk
– 40g self-rising flour

Step 1. Grate the zest of half a lemon and put it in a mixing bowl with the butter, sugar and egg yolks. Put the egg whites in a separate bowl which you’ve rubbed with a bit of lemon juice. Beat the zest, butter, sugar and yolks till you’ve got a slightly creamy mix.

Then stir in the self-rising flour.

Step 2. Mix the lemon juice and milk (might curdle a bit, that’s fine). Slowly pour it in with the other ingredients while mixing. Make sure there aren’t too many lumps.

Step 3. Beat the egg whites til they’re stiff (make sure to degrease the mixer blades).

Fold them in with the other ingredients bit by bit. Make sure to not knock too much air out of the egg white.

Step 4. Pour the mix into a greased oven dish of at least 1 liter. Place this in a bigger dish.

Put it in a preheated oven at 180°C (165°C for fan ovens) and pour hot water in the bigger dish and bake the pudding for about 40 minutes.


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