Apple, Cinnamon and Cranberry Buns

Another sweet bread recipe (made these for my sister and brother in law in exchange for clothes). Should really try to think of some savoury bread recipes…

In other news: I visited a film set yesterday! Okay, okay it was only for a few minutes. But still. The reason why I got to visit the set was because I had made plans to meet up with a friend who also happens to be a world famous author, videoblogger and truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. His latest book, The Fault in Our Stars (buy it!!), is being made into a movie at the moment and since part of it takes place in Amsterdam John (Green) was finally in the Netherlands again for a bit! So had a lovely cup of tea with him and some other friends.

I do always slightly forget how famous he is though. When we were leaving the movie set he got surrounded by hordes (well, 20 or so) of his fans wanting pictures and autographs. I do rather like living in a world where a writer of young adult fiction can evoke these kind of reactions. Can’t wait to see the movie at the cinema, especially the bit I saw being filmed.

Now back to baking! Like I said, another sweet bread recipe. I really like having these for breakfast and I was planning to make these tomorrow morning because my lover is visiting. But since she’s stuck on the M1 at the moment it’ll have to wait till Friday.


– 150g plain flour
– 150g wholewheat flour (you can replace this with plain flour if you want)
– 50g sugar
– 1 sachet of dried action yeast
– 50g butter
– 200ml milk
– 1 egg
– zest of half a lemon (haven’t tried it myself yet, but my sister liked it)

– 75g butter
– 75g sugar
– 2 apples
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 100g cranberries

Step 1. Mix the flour, yeast, sugar and salt in bowl. Make sure to not put the salt on the yeast).

Step 2. Melt the butter, mix it with the milk and beat in the egg. I usually just melt the butter in the microwave in a measuring jug and then add the milk and egg. If the butter sets a bit again that’s no real problem.

Step 3. Slowly pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients while using the dough hooks of a mixer. Add the lemon zest and knead the dough for at least 10 minutes.

The dough will always be sticky and soft, but should at least sort of come away from the side of the bowl at the end. Cover the bowl (I always put it in a plastic bag) and let it rise for at least an hour.
Step 4. When the dough is almost done rising make the filling. Melt the butter and mix in the butter and cinnamon. Grate the apples and squeeze some of the juice out. Add the apple to the cinnamon mixture.
Step 5. Once the dough has risen enough knock the air out of it and tip it onto a really well floured work surface. Form it into a ball (using plenty of flour, it’s awfully sticky) and then roll it out into a rectangular shape of about 40cm by 50cm.
Step 6. Spread out the apple filling over the dough and put the cranberries on top of it.

Step 7. Start rolling the dough on the longer side till you have a tight roll. Cut off the ends (not enough filling there) and cut the remaining roll into 8 equal pieces.

Place these in a baking tin or 24cm (or even bigger) spring form lined with baking paper. Put in a plastic bag en let it proof for about 45 minutes (or till there’s no more room in the tin).

Step 8. Once the dough has risen enough bake it at 220°C (or 200&deg’ for fan ovens). You can put egg wash on top if you want a nice shine.


Nederlands recept volgt nog.


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