Cinnamon Banana Bread

When I was thinking of something to make for my blog I was initially planning to make a Victoria Sponge (with a twist). But this was the view that greeted me for the better part of the day today.

And with that kind of weather I don’t feel like making something as summery as a Victoria Sponge. So I decided to page through the same recipe book and found a recipe for banana bread that sounded quite interesting. The recipe book in question is this one. Got this book from my dear Facebook wife and it is full of ‘natural cakes’. This pretty much just means that you try to make them a bit healthier. If you want to buy an interesting baking book I can really recommend it.

Now I’ve never really understood why banana bread is called ‘banana bread’, because it has nothing to do with actual bread. When you look at the ingredients it is clearly a cake. Not that it really matters in the end, because it still tastes (and looks) delicious.

This recipe calls for pecan and brazil nuts. Now I usually tend to avoid recipes that involve nuts, because they are a bit on the expensive side. But the amounts used here are not that bad and the market in Utrecht has a couple of good nut sellers. If you can’t get hold of them, think they’re too expensive or are allergic to them you could just leave them out.

Cinnamon Banana Bread
– 140g golden (lightbrown) caster sugar
– 2 eggs
– 150g mashed banana
– 150g finely grated courgette (believe me, it works)
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 150g flour (the original recipe uses rice flour, but hate that stuff)
– 2 tsp baking powder
– 1/4 tsp salt
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp mixed spice (couldn’t find that here, so used speculaaskruiden instead)
– 25g brazil nuts
– 25g pecan nuts

Step 1. Beat the eggs and sugar till it has a pale coffee-like colour. I used a whisk, but mixer is fine too.

Step 2. Beat in the mashed banana till it is well mixed. Make sure the banana is well mashed
Step 3. Beat in the grated courgette till it is well mixed.

Step 4. First add the vanilla extract and then beat in the flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and mixed spice.

Step 5. Roughly chop the nuts and stir most of them into the batter.

Step 6. Pour the batter into a standard loaf tin and sprinkle the rest of the nuts on top. I would butter the tin and I could really recommend lining it with baking parchment.

Step 7. Bake at 180°C (165°C for fan ovens) for about 45 minutes. It might look a bit “wet” when it comes out of the oven, but as long as it doesn’t wobble too much you should be fine.


En voor mijn Nederlandse vrinden!


– 140g lichtbruine basterdsuiker
– 2 eieren
– 150g geprakte banaan
– 150g fijn geraspte courgette
– 1 tl vanille-extract
– 150g bloem (voor glutenvrij kan je rijstebloem nemen)
– 2 tl bakpoeder
– 1/4 tl zout
– 1 tl kaneel
– 1/2 tl speculaaskruiden
– 25g paranoten (brazil nuts?)
– 25g pecannoten

Stap 1-3. Klop de eieren en suiker tot het licht koffiekleurtje heeft. Roer dan eerst de geprakte banaan (zorg dat ie goed geprakt is) en daarna de geraspte courgette erdoor.
Stap 4. Roer eerst het vanille-extract en dan de bloem, bakpoeder, zout, kaneel en speculaaskruiden er doorheen.
Stap 5-6. Hak de noten beetje grof en roer het grootste gedeelte door het beslag. Giet het beslag dan in een standaard cakeblik. Zorg dat ie beboterd is en ik kan aanraden ‘m ook te bekleden met bakpapier. Strooi de rest van de noten over het beslag.
Stap 7. Bak voor ongeveer 45 minuten op 180°C (165°C voor ventilatorovens). Bovenkant kan er beetje nat uitzien als je hem uit de oven haalt, maar zolang ie niet te erg wiebelt zit het wel goed.

Veel plezier!

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  1. Puur Charlotte says:

    Ohh dat ziet er heerlijk uit. Ik ga je blog volgen want ik ben erg benieuwd naar andere bak recepten van je!
    Groetjes Charlotte

    1. Dankje!! Ben nu bezig met wat recepten voor ijs. Hopen dat het wat wordt =]

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